Axe Limbert, born February 26, 1992 in Bryn Mar, Pennsylvania and raised in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, is an aspiring artist in the hip-hop genre. He has spent his entire life around music. Growing up around a musical family, with his father being in a bluegrass band, made his passion for music a prominent aspect of his life. At age nine, Axe began playing the saxophone which led him to gain a scholarship for college at Kutztown University. In early high school, he taught himself how to play both the piano, and the ukulele. During his time at Kutztown, Axe once agin taught himself how to play the guitar and begin writing acoustic songs. Unfortunately, KU dropped the music program in which Axe was majoring in, forcing him to relocate back to Pottstown where he began going to school at Montgomery County Community College for music. Upon returning to his hometown, he met Dre Carter. Meeting Dre gave Axe inspiration for his own music and to this day Carter remains to be a huge inspiration and driving factor to Axe's music. While working at The Movie Tavern, located in Collegeville, PA, Axe met his current manager, Justin Sloyer. Axe joined Sloyer's team of artists under the Immerslo record label, and has already performed multiple times in New York City and Philadelphia, opening for artists such as Young Buck, Quilly, and Mario, while still performing at smaller local venues. Currently, Axe is working on releasing a mix tape and has recently dropped his first music video. As well as actively working on his own music, Axe regularly attends karaoke nights and is an avid snowboarder and enjoys playing basketball. Axe would like to extend the upmost thanks to; his parents for instilling a strong drive in him as well as for their constant love and support, his brother for never ending motivation and guidance, Justin Sloyer and Dre Carter for helping him get started, Jay Jay Audwin Davis for piloting Axe towards gaining confidence in his work, Dionte (King) for helping develop his confidence and stage presence and lastly, to all of his friends and family for their faithful support through his musical journey.